Monday na bukas. Hehhehehe *evil smile*

Always undesired.
Always unnecessary.
Always unwanted.
Always unrequited.
Always one-sided.

It hurts but I’m used to it that it almost means nothing to me. I cared to much to try and look where it has gotten me. Numb from pain, ignorant from love, needy for purpose and tired of hoping.

I long to see the day that I finally step out of the comfort of my own shell. I can’t stay inside here any longer, it’s crowded, it’s unbearingly cold, I hear my own thoughts echo endlessly on repeat.

I want to feel the sun gleam through my skin and enjoy what the day has in store but all I do is to endure the darkness of my empty, hallow room. Someone show me the way out because I’m barely keeping myself together.

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"So much in my heart, so little in my tongue."

"How can emptiness be so heavy?"

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"Because I am not the type of
person someone falls in love with."

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Unrequited love.

"I want to sing you love songs."